Pagialla activities are dictated primarily by holidays of the spiritual tradition calendar and the calendar of sowing and harvesting.
In addition to the tasks of service to the temple and the ashram at Pagialla there are many jobs that undertake throughout the year both residents and guests who stay for short periods.

The main activities revolve around the work and products of the fields.
Obviously the toughest jobs involving the use of heavy machinery (tractors, combines, etc.) are carried out only by residents (Raidas and his family).
Other works, less demanding, are carried out by all and make part of daily karma yoga.
At Pagialla excellent organic food are produced, consumed and marketed within the ashram. Mainly cereals and legumes.
Recently it has started to produce different varieties of biologic spelt pasta and was planted one saffron field.
The garden of Pagialla gives every season most of the vegetables that we cook in our kitchen and from the work of cleaning the forest we get the wood that is consumed during winters.




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