In the tradition of Sanatana Dharma an ashram is a place of retreat and spiritual practice where anyone can find relief from the material life and experience the teachings of a master, enriching the knowledge and nourishing the soul.

At Bhole Baba Jñana Ashram in Pagialla the teachings of Shri Haidakhan Babaji are followed, to Him the ceremonies, practices and rituals of worship that take place here are offered.

The day starts early in the morning at Pagialla and is divided between the ceremonies at the temple (chandan, arati and kirtan), meditation (japa) and daily activities (karma yoga).
In addition to the daily celebrations, during festival days and special events, fire ceremonies (havan), adoration of the Lingam (abhisheka), food distribution (bandhara), etc are performed.

The main activities of karma yoga are directed to the maintenance and care of the temples, the guest house (Dharamsala), gardens and orchard.
The ashram in addition to regular duties, periodically organizes meetings, cultural and recreational activities, opportunities for discussion, debate and mutual enrichment (satsang).




“The tradition of ashrams is very old. At first they were founded by great saints, sages and rishis, which at present we are all descendants: this is why each of us goes back to the ashrams. Looking at the lifestyle that takes place in the ashrams humans can learn how to behave and how to conduct their lives. There’s the ashram to produce spiritual changes in people, and this change will bring more improvement. Not the same sensation that you can feel going to a club or at any other place in the world: for this it is important that all of us always keep a link with the ashram so that, whenever we have problems, we can go to an ashram and find inner peace.

We go to college to learn something and the ashram is like a spirittual university. Sometimes you may feel the urge to stay home and do your own meditation alone, but it’s not the same thing!

Thousands of people have had positive changes visiting Babaji’s ashrams! Babaji also said it is important to go in His ashrams and learn, He said also to build as many ashrams.

The most important thing to do when you return home after a stay in an ashram is to maintain the lifestyle you have learned. For example, some basic things of life: getting up early, take a shower, meditate for some time, eat vegetarian food, and generally learn to live in a simple way.”

Shri Muniraj




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