1) What are cookies?
Cookies are text files that the visited sites send to your browser, which are stored to be passed on to the site the next visit.

2) What are cookies?
Cookies can be used to monitor the sessions, to authenticate a user so that it can access a site without typing a name and password every time and to store your preferences.

3) What are technical cookies?
Cookies are used for so-called technical navigation and to facilitate access to and use of the site by you. Technical cookies are essential for example to access Google or Facebook without logging in all sessions. So they are in very delicate operations such as those of home banking or payment by credit card or by means of other systems.

4) Cookies Analytics cookies are technical?
In other words, the cookies that are placed on your browser and re-transmitted by Google Analytics or through the Blogger service statistics are cookies or similar technical. The Guarantor for Privacy said that these cookies can be considered technical only if “used for optimization of the site by the owner of the site, which may collect aggregate information on the number of users and how they visit the site. Under these conditions, to analytics cookies the same rules, with regard to disclosure and consent, provided for technical cookies. ”

5) What are cookies profiling?
Cookies are used to track user navigation to create profiles on its tastes, its preferences, its interests and also on his research. You’ll certainly have seen banner ads related to a product that just before you have searched the internet. The reason lies in profiling your interests and servers appropriately addressed by the cookies you have shown ads deemed most relevant.

6) You need your consent to install cookies on your terminal?
For the installation of cookies is not required technical consensus while cookies profiling can be installed in the user’s terminal only after this person has given consent and after being informed in a simplified way.

7) How does the webmaster may require the consent?
On the Privacy determined that when the user accesses a website to appear a banner containing an informative short, the consent request and a link to the information more extensive as that shown in this page on that What are cookies profiling and on the use that is made of the site in question.

8) How it should be realized the banners?
The banner must be designed to hide some of the content of the page and specify that the site uses cookies profiling including third parties. The banner must be rectified only by an active action by the user as it could be a click.

9) What information must contain the banner?
The banner must contain the information short, the link to the wide information and the button to give consent to the use of cookies profiling.

10) How to keep documentation of the consent to the use of cookies?
It is permissible to use a technical cookie taking into account the user’s consent so that they did not have to again express consent in a subsequent visit to the site.

11) consent to the use of cookies you can only have with the banner?
No. You can use other systems as long as the system has identified the same requirements. The use of the banner is not necessary for sites that are only using technical cookies.

12) What should you put on this help page larger?
You have to show the characteristics of cookies also installed by third parties. It must also tell the user how to navigate the site without being traced her preferences with the possibility incognito and with the cancellation of individual cookies.

13) Who is responsible for informing the Guarantor that uses cookies profiling?
The website owner has that burden. If your site uses only Cookie profiling third party does not need to inform the Guarantor but must indicate what these third party cookies, and to indicate links to information about.

14) When this law comes into force?
The Guarantor has given a year to come into compliance and the deadline is June 2, 2015.


Facebook Cookies: This site has some plugins that Facebook could track the behavior of readers. For more information about the page you can see the Facebook Privacy Policy.

The site and its administrator have no control over cookies that are used by third parties to explore the theme then you should consult the privacy policies of these third parties as well as options to disable the collection of this information. The administrator of this site can not monitor such activities of third parties on this blog. However, you can disable cookies directly from your browser. The site does not use own profiling cookies but those featured are solely controlled by third parties such as Google, Facebook or Twitter.


As mentioned cookies analytics are considered technical when used only for the purpose of optimization and if the IP users are kept anonymous. We inform the user that this site uses the free Google Analytics. Recall that the data is used only for the data of the most visited pages, the number of visitors, the aggregate data of visits to the operating system, browser, etc. These parameters are stored in the Google servers on which their privacy in accordance with these guidelines.



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